What's New In Version 3

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What's New In Version 3

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There are a number of new features in Version 3:


Trend Charts

Edit Mode

Variables List & Templates List

Quick List

Position Dynamics for Animation

Color Dynamics

Import Project


Startup Sequence


Passwords - Start at level 1

Touch Screen Support

Additional Features

32bit and 64bit SpecView

Backward Compatibility

Update Policies costs and prices

Bug Reporting Procedure


The 'XXX' for missing values has been replaced by specifics: N/R (No Response), NPV (Not Present Value), NCA (Not Currently Available), T/O (Timeout)

Acknowledge Alarms button/strategy action


This section of SpecView's Help does not cover features and functionality which has not changed from SpecView Version 2.5.


If this computer is connected to the Internet, then there are videos on YouTube here:

 What's new in Version3

Trend Charts

Variables List

Position Dynamics


There are a few changes to terminology in Version 3:

Configuration Mode is now known as Edit Mode
A Configuration is now known as a Project


Note that Version 3 will not work with the old style parallel (25 pin) dongles. It will only work with USB and Soft dongles, please contact your SpecView representative if you have a parallel dongle for dongle exchange pricing.



There are videos available on these features.



Document control: SpecView User Manual for Version 3.1 - Revision: 31.228 (for SpecView Version 3.0.021 Pre-Release)