Update Subscription

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An Update Subscription is included with all new purchases of SpecView. Within the update period users may download and install the latest build of SpecView. This will give access to new features and functionality and install any bug fixes. We highly recommend periodically checking the web site to download the latest build.


The expiry date can be seen on the Help menu and by choosing Registration Information menu command.




Before the Update Subscription expires advisory messages will be displayed. These will be shown 31, 21, 14 and 7 days before expiry.

These message boxes can be cancelled.


The Update Subscription can be purchased and then added to the license through the upgrade process.


The new Update Subscription period begins immediately after the old subscription expires.

There is a substantial cost saving in keeping the Update Subscription current compared to purchasing a new subscription after an old one has expired.


SpecView will continue to operate normally when the subscription has expired. The license may still be moved to another computer but this computer must have the same (or older) build installed. If a newer build is installed, this this is treated as an Update.


If the computer becomes inoperable a new license will be required. This may be supplied at no charge but ONLY if there is a current Update Subscription. If expired, a new two-year or five-year subscription must be purchased. Note, this is more expensive than extending a current subscription.


Please contact your SpecView representative for current pricing.


When SpecView is run for the first time it may display a message indicating the Update Subscription expiry period:




If the Update Subscription has expired and a newer version (build or release) of the software is installed, then SpecView will revert to Demo mode and a message will be displayed as follows:




Either re-install the older build of SpecView (after uninstalling the new one) or contact your SpecView representative for assistance with Update Subscriptions.