Move License to Another Computer

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The SpecView license can be moved to another computer:


For a Hardware (USB dongle) License:


The license can be moved to another computer by following these steps:


Exit SpecView on the current computer

Disconnect the dongle from the current computer

Install SpecView on the new computer

Connect the dongle to the new computer

Run SpecView on the new computer


Note: Do not disconnect a USB dongle while SpecView is running because this will cause SpecView to stop communicating with the instrument(s).


For a Soft License:


If the Old computer is still running, then follow the procedure below.  However, if the old computer has failed, see Replacing Licenses.


In Runtime or Edit Mode, from the Help menu, choose 'Move License' and then 'Move License from this computer':




A confirmation box will be displayed:




This process will remove the license from this computer and give a code to be entered into SpecView on the new computer to move the license.


On the new computer, install SpecView software and when run, click the 'Enter License Code' button to enter the code that was made in the previous step.

(This is a similar process to entering the initial Installation Code).






At this point, the old computer will be running as a demo.  This is a good time to make a backup archive of the project so that it can be restored onto the new computer.